Airtime for Oamaru


Oamaru’s skating and surfing scene will get national exposure tonight, as Soul Surf and Skate is the feature of TVNZ U channel’s Airtime.

Jake Munro from Frontside Media was in Oamaru filming the Airtime episode last week, and it hits TV screens across the nation tonight at 9.25pm.

The whole episode focuses on Oamaru, specifically on Soul Surf and Skate and the crew – the surfers, skaters and the followers.

“It’s a different aspect, there’s so many things in Oamaru happening that make it special for us, but don’t get that attention,” Soul Surf and Skate’s Jeremy Holding said.

“It’s cool to be able to show that different side of what’s going on in Oamaru.

“We’ve got it all here – we’ve got the beaches, we’ve got everything. I just hope the kids realise it and embrace it.”

Mr Holding said it was great for the town to be showcased in a “different and cool” way.

“Jake shot a bunch of footage from the shop, around the town and of the crew skating the Soul Ramp,” he said.

Mr Holding said Soul Surf and Skate was approached to be the focus of the show, after earning a good reputation in the industry and around the country..

“We’ve got quite a scene of skating and surfing, with all of the lessons too,” he said.

Mr Holding and Abby McErlane were interviewed for the show, which will also feature numerous other familiar faces from around town.

“We both did a little interview, talked about the services we provided, like the ramp, and he got heaps of footage around town. We tried to promote the old part of town and things like that,” she said.

It was great to build on the publicity from Seven Sharp’s feature, but with more of a focus on the skate and surf scene, they said.

“I’m a qualified surf instructor and do lessons, and we’ve also got a snow workshop where we fix up, prepare and do rentals and we’ve got the ramp which has really set us apart from different shops in New Zealand, that ramp has become famous – there’s been photos in magazines, international photos, how many shops do you go to where there’s something like that upstairs?” he said.

“We did a whole day filming, tried to do the surfing thing, I wanted to showcase that area because we have got good waves on offer, but it’s cool to get someone here and get national coverage.

“We went through the old part of town, showed of the art stuff and the buildings.”

When it’s raining the town’s youth flock to Soul Surf and Skate and in the school holidays it is one of the best hang outs in town.

Even though Oamaru doesn’t have the population, Mr Holding said there were some very talented skateboarders and surfers here.

“I think Oamaru always produces heaps of good sports people for a small town,” he said.

By Rebecca Ryanbridgemedia『アディダス』に分類された記事一覧