Cheese rolls and feminism


Stories daughters and sons need to be told often fall victim to the time constraints their parents suffer under, comedian Michele A’Court says.
She will be exploring the issue in an Oamaru show on Sunday night.
The comedian will share stories she did not have time to tell her now grown-up daughter, including why the world still needs feminism.
She said the show’s content included lots of personal stories.
“It’s really sharing with people. Mothers and fathers and grandparents are really enjoying it. Lots of people are bringing their daughters and sons along.”She said comedy was social commentary and what she liked about her craft was the ability it had to alter the way people thought about an issue, particularly topics such as feminism.
“Feminism is hot right now.
“Women in New Zealand are still paid 14% less than men over a period of a lifetime. One in five women experience sexual assault. We still live in a society where a woman is assaulted and a question asked is, `What was she wearing?’“We need to have pay equity. We still need to have sensible working hours. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done.”A’Court said coming to Oamaru brought up memories of cheese rolls.
Her comedy had taken her all over the nation and she still believed Oamaru was home to the best cheese roll she had eaten.
She had an understanding of how important cheese rolls were to the South’s identity. She had bought a DVD in Reefton on a previous tour about the history of the humble treat.
“I’m not not sure if it’s factually correct. It states that cheese rolls were invented in Southland, not Otago. I don’t know if that’s true.”She said she had had terrible cheese rolls; she would not reveal where but stressed that it was not in the Waitaki District.
A’Court had advice for people wanting to get into stand-up comedy. She strongly suggested not to, given it was a “ridiculous” way to earn a living but, if people were passionate, then they needed to watch as much comedy as they could.
“You have to consume as much comedy as you can and just start doing it. The best way of learning is doing it.”
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