Dancer realises her dream


Tannah McLay has dreamed of attending the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo since she was a young dancer and next year, her dream will come true.

The Waitaki Girls’ High School pupil has been a dancing student at Kimberley Mavor School of Dance, since she was three.

”It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was little,” she said.

Tannah will be in Scotland for a month and promises to include some shopping on the trip.

”A bit of shopping time is always good,” she said.

Dancing is in the blood for Tannah, with her mother, grandmother and cousins also taking up the art.

”She had a natural flair for it,” said mother, Jacqui.

Tannah finished off her exams in May and can now judge competitions.

”My dream was Edinburgh, but now it’s there,” she said.

”I’d like to teach in the future and I’ll definitely do some judging.”

As well as being extremely proud of her achievement, she also credited her dance teacher Kimberley Mavor and her mother for how far she has come.

Tannah was Mrs Mavor’s first beginner dancer.

The tattoo takes place in Edinburgh and runs from August 1 -23.

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