Exhibition explores the wisdom in us all


An exhibition at the Forrester Gallery shows there are qualities of a wise woman in all of us, regardless of our gender, the creator of the works says.

The exhibition, Wise Women, by local artist Sister Mary Horn, is being held at the Forrester Gallery until March 9.

The show features 11 portraits and 11 icon paintings, including a slideshow of drawings of local women on which the portraits were based.

Sr Horn said this exhibition contained the most important set of works she had produced.

“I’ve spent more time on these works than I have ever spent on any other paintings,” she said.

“Each one had a sort of ambience of its own.”

Sr Horn said the works were important to her because the image of the archetypal woman was recognised throughout history, and the depth and spirituality of the wise woman could be found in everyone.

“The wise woman is in every culture and every peoples’ stories,” she said.

“The wise woman is in man as well as woman.”

Sr Horn started painting in 1992 after a friend convinced her to go along to a portrait class, she said.

The exhibition’s curator Alice Lake-Hammond said Sr Horn began with figures when she first started her career but moved away from this in later years.

“Twenty-two years later, Wise Women revisits this subject, delving deep beneath the surface of each portrait and, in doing so, comes full circle.

“These wise women, local figures not unlike ourselves, give expression to the vitality and strength at the core of us all, our making.

“In coming full circle, Wise Women connects us with the innate spirituality essential in all – male or female.

“These portraits reveal our true selves, with softness and strength, the holiness we bring to this world as individuals, encouraging us to look within.”

The exhibition is being held at the Forrester Gallery, Basement Gallery until March 9.

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