Music keeping Edith, 90, young


Eighty Three years is a long time – that’s how long Edith Wicks has been playing the violin for.

Mrs Wicks, who first started out playing the violin when she was seven-years-old is looking forward to an action packed couple of weeks in the music front.

Firstly she will be part of the Waitaki Summer Music Camp where for a bout four days she and about 40 other musicians will receive tutelege from some experienced conductors from across the country.

“It will be great fun, I love going to these camps and catching up with people I have met from previous years,” she said.

While she has played the violin for a long time, a number of years ago Mrs Wicks decided to expand her musical ability and taught herself how to play the viola.

“As long as I’m still able to play my instruments then I will continue to do so as it’s always exciting.

“It’s like driving down a new road for the first time you don’t know when it’s going to end.”

During the four days she will play a variety of music.

Then from here Mrs Wicks will head to Nelson to take part in the New Zealand Combined Choir which will be conducted by Englishman Brian Kay.

At 90-years-old Mrs Wicks is also referred to as the youngest member of the Waitaki Youth Choir.

The Summer Music Camp being held at Waitaki Boys’ High School starting today is expected to attracted more than 100 people to Oamaru.

Forty people have signed up for the first four days to play Chamber Music while around 70 more will be attending when the Ochestra starts on Monday.

Co-organiser Paul Claman said its pleasing to see more numbers coming to the event.

“We have people attending from as far north as Auckland and as south as Invercargill.”

The Music Camp has been held at Waitaki Boys’ High School since 1997 when it6 began and is now in it’s 19th year.

Mr Claman said it’s pleasing to see music is still strong.

“It’s great to see people are still wanting to get involved with playing an instrument,” he said.

The Summer Music Camp runs from today until January 17 when it ends with a concert.

By Brayden Lindsay

PHOTO: BRAYDEN LINDSAY – Edith Wicks taught herself to play the viola.trace affiliate linkSneakers