Oamaru singer hoping to tour again


An Oamaru singer/songwriter helped two of Canada’s best known singers at the start of their careers.

John McCabe, who has been singing for more than 25 years, assisted Shania Twain and Michelle Wright.

“Everyone surely knows who Shania Twain is, but she started out in my band when she was about 14 years old, while Michelle I taught and she has now won every major music award in Canada.”

Mr McCabe, who has been back in New Zealand for the last five years, is looking after his parents at the family home in Ardgowan.

“I’ve got to look after mum and dad at the moment, so me being able to tour is limited, however this won’t be forever, and in the near future I’m hoping to tour again, but I love being back in Oamaru.”

He recently played a gig at the Addington Raceway and he hopes playing at race meetings might become more common.

“It’s a great way to get people involved and make sure they are enjoying themselves. I play a whole range of music and try to get the children involved.”

Known mostly for his exploits with country music, McCabe, does not mind tapping into the other musical genres.

“You have to be able to do a few, and I’m happy to do some rock ‘n’ roll. That’s always fairly popular or something from Billy Joel, just whoever really.”

With farming his main priority for now, Mr McCabe would love to do a tour around New Zealand when the chance comes.

“I want to buy a bus and then travel right around the country and perform music, while also getting to view parts of the country I’ve never seen,” he said.

He currently teaches music to children at Oamaru Intermediate, Weston and St Joseph’s school.

“I enjoy it, helping teach the children music and I hope they enjoy it too.”

Mr McCabe has a new CD on the way, which he hopes will be released later this year.


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