Oamaru to feature in TVNZ show


Oamaru is set to feature in TVNZ’s latest feature Along for the Ride which is set to hit New Zealand television screens before Christmas.

While the date of the actual release of the show is unclear it will be before the festive season.

Producer Gary Scott said Oamaru seemed like the perfect place to start.

“It just offers so much and the first ever bike found in New Zealand was found down that way so we decided why not start in beautiful Oamaru.”

Bike-nut- slash-radio presenter Simon Morton rolls out on a nationwide quest to find out why NZ would be lost up a creek if we hadn’t had the bike.

Starting in North Otago where he hunts down the very first photo of the ‘iron horse’, and carrying on to obsessive Kiwi characters, mad inventions, Kiwi world records and through to the Queen’s city, Simon discovers how much we all owe to the humble bicycle.

The Penny Farthing is a fantastic bicycle, Mr Scott said.

“It’s a really fantastic bicycle and we felt that we definitely needed to do something on this bike, It’s one of a kind and is a truly glamorous bicycle.”

Mr Scott, who is the producer of the show said the viewers can expect a lot of fun from the show.

“It will be good watch and I’m pretty sure Simon even gets all dressed up in the Steampunk costumes, something which I know he loved,” Mr Scott said.

“He was taught how to ride a penny farthing by David Wilson and loved every minute of it, while he also took part in the penny farthing cycling championships.”

The show was filmed earlier in the year.

Simon Morton who is the person that travels around on bikes said it was fantastic in Oamaru.

“The Penny Farthing is a great bike, I had so much fun, I fell off early so used a smaller one, but the speed they can get up to on those is crazy, I’d love to come back and do it again.”



PLENTY OF FUN: While here in Oamaru Simon Morton was taught how to ride a penny farthing as part of a new TVNZ television series called, Along for the Ride.

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