Only two contest Battle of the Bands


The Battle of the Bands took place at the Loan & Merc on Thursday evening.

There were just two entries for the competition, which featured a prize of being the opening act for Moorhouse at Ote Fest in Otematata during Labour Weekend.

Kudos battled it out against Bethany Carnell, with the former being named the winner.

Kudos wowed the small crowd with four songs – Like a Stone by Audioslave, Take me Out by Franz Ferdinand, original song Changed and Sitting Inside My Head by Kiwi band Supergroove, while Bethany sang Skinny Love by Birdy.

Kudos band member Kyle Andales said it was cool to have won the event.

“Yeah, we are pretty happy. It was a bit of a bugger that we didn’t get to go up against more acts. Bethany was really good. We look forward to being the opening act for Moorhouse.”

Mr Andales said it will be a good opportunity for the band.

“Opening for Moorhouse will be a fantastic opportunity for us and will help us gain exposure, which we are after.”

Youth Council chairperson Jessie Waite said it was an awesome night, despite few acts taking part.

“Although we didn’t have the amount of acts we would have liked, I thought the night went well. Youth Council member Vinnie jumped up and played a couple of songs and Jai performed a dance, so there was a bit of variety.”

Miss Waite said it was an event they hoped to continue next year.

“We will definitely look at building on this event for next year. I think it has the potential to be a massive event, so we will work even harder next year to make sure that happens.”

Despite the lack of acts, she said she was still happy with the talent on show.

“We were over the moon with the quality of the acts. It’s so neat to know we have such talented youth in our community who have massive potential,” she said.



WINNER: Kudos were named winners of Battle of the Bands.

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