They will rock you . . . The touring Queen tribute show lands in Oamaru on May 31. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Some of the world’s best-loved┬árock anthems will be blasted from the Oamaru Opera House stage on May 31.

A Queen tribute show endorsed by the late Freddie Mercury’s biographer and constant companion for his final 12 years, Peter Freestone, is coming to town.

Queen: It’s A Kinda Magic is being brought here by Showtime Australia and Freestone. Director Johnny Van Grinsven attributed its continued success to the attention to detail in everything from costumes to instruments and lighting cues, all of which replicate those used in Queen concerts.

Freestone, as the production consultant, contributed his knowledge of the band’s characters and nuances. He was able to work with the cast and producers to refine the presentation.

“We’re extremely lucky to have Peter involved,” Van Grinsven said. “He knows Freddie and the boys so well; his knowledge about who they are and how they moved and played and even their sense of humour has really helped take this show to the next level.”

Giles Taylor, the Englishman who plays the part of Freddie Mercury, is his only tribute performer in the world who also plays the piano and guitar live as he sings on stage. He has been a pianist and vocalist since childhood, then taught himself to play the guitar.

“The show is effectively a visual montage of Queen’s best live performances,” Taylor said.

“It is designed to cater for die-hard Queen fans, newbies to the Queen scene, and your average rock music fan.

“When people come to the show, we aim to have them leaving with the perception that they have just seen the real Queen live. The painstaking attention to detail from the costumes to the insane lighting and visual show is really something to behold.”

Richie Baker appears as Brian May, fellow Australian Kyle Thompson is drummer Roger Taylor, and South African Steve Dennett is bass guitarist John Deacon.

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