Te Radar celebrates our history


It’s rather ironic that a Palmerston resident inspired the Palmerston Primary School fundraiser show Te Radar is performing in Waikouaiti this month.

Eating the Dog celebrates New Zealand’s lesser known history, focusing on the people Te Radar considers to be the country’s heroes, who gave things a go when they perhaps shouldn’t have.

A balloonist, criminals and politicians are in the list of heroes.

“Normally people think there’s not much to them (politicians) but a couple of them changed the landscape of the country,” he said.

“It’s very much a celebration of our history.”

The show will be aided with photographs, maps and film.

“The history books are full of champions who put this country on the map, giving us an international reputation for producing ground-breaking heroes, but where are the stories of the bumblers and the near-do-wells, the ones who personify the archetypal ‘she’ll be right’ spirit that make this country great?” he said.

Te Radar has performed this show “a hundred times” and it has gone down well at sold out crowds across the country.

The show is about celebrating those who tried, and failed, he said.

His name is actually Andrew Lumsden, so where does “Te Radar” come from?

Radar was a nickname given to him while he was studying in Dunedin and when in the presence of Mike King, thought it would be funny to add Te.

Tickets are $40 and are available by emailing tickets@palmerston.school.nz or by contacting the school on (03) 4651361.

The show is on August 24 and starts at 7.30pm.

By Jessie Waitejordan release dateNike