The Searchers promise an ‘absolutely great evening’


Anyone attending The Searchers performance at the Oamaru Opera House next week will have an “absolutely great evening” full of history and a few number one hits, bassist Frank Allen says.

The Liverpool band will be touring 10 towns, including Oamaru, on their 2014 tour of New Zealand.

Allen said the performance would be different to their 2013 New Zealand tour, which was a 1960s show with Gerry and the Pacemakers.

“This time it will be a complete history of The Searchers.

“I promise everyone an absolutely great evening.”

He said he was really looking forward to coming back to the country the band had always loved over the years.

“We’re very much looking forward to it.”

He especially enjoyed touring other countries because everything was organised before they arrived so the band could just relax and enjoy the country, Allen said.

“The great part about being abroad is there is no responsibility.”

The band, which formed in 1959 as a skiffle group, has remained together since its inception and continues to tour the world.

The secret to staying together so long was a love of music and being able to ride out the rough times, he said.

They became teen idols in the 1960s but that died down and they kept the band going to survive.

In the late 1970s, their popularity returned as a nostalgic comeback which has continued until now, he said.

“We managed to wait out the bad times, which were actually quite fun when you look back on it.”

The Searchers will be performing at the Oamaru Opera House on Thursday, July 24, at 7.30pm.



COMING TO TOWN: The Searchers band members, from left, John McNally, Scott Ottaway, Frank Allen and Spencer James.

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