Turner: ‘My writing reflects my interests’


Poet and writer, Brian Turner, told visitors to his poetry readings yesterday that being invited to speak during Oamaru’s inaugural Poetry Week had made him look hard at what he had written over the years.

Mr Turner looked set to entertain more than 20 people at the St John lounge yesterday afternoon and began by giving some background to his writing and his interest in politics.

He said he kept notebooks with his own draft works, his thoughts and other people’s thoughts and “what comes out is a work of my own”.

“I’m a product of my roots and my reading.

“My writing reflects my interests, where I’ve been and what I think.”

He said poetry was an area of most importance, as there was no more memorable and effective way of saying things.

“Poets ought to be prime parts of the conscience of their time.

“Playing with language is fine and entertaining, but it is not enough.

“Writers ought to be engaged in the politics of the day.”

Mr Turner read poetry at the Oamaru Library last night and is launching Philip Temple’s new novel in Dunedin tonight.


PHOTO: LINDA MCCARTHY – Poet and writer, Brian Turner (left), entertained visitors to his poetry session yesterday afternoon in Oamaru.  He is pictured with Poetry Week organiser, Ken Bridge, from Hampden.

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