Youth art exhibition coming to Oamaru


An innovative youth exhibition, which is coming to Oamaru next month, is a great way to foster children’s interest in art, Forrester Gallery director Jane Macknight says.

Muka Youth Prints exhibition 27 x “no adults allowed”, which features 40 original lithographs by prominent artists, will be on display at the Forrester Gallery on Tuesday, November 11 from 2-5pm.

Only children can enter the exhibition which has small works by artists from around the world for sale at an affordable price of $67.

Mrs Macknight said they had held the exhibition in previous years and it had always been popular for children as it gave them a chance to have a piece of artwork for their very own.

“I think it’s a great idea.

“It makes young people get acquainted with contemporary art.

“I think it’s just important in fostering children’s interest in the arts.”

Art is too expensive for many people to buy so this way young people could see it and own it for a reasonable price, she said.

“It’s great for kids to choose something for themselves.”

Mrs Macknight will be bringing her own children along so they can pick a work they like and hang it in their bedroom, if they wish.

The first New Zealand youth print exhibition was held in 1987 as a way for young people to get to know art by getting real works into their hands.

Names and signatures of artists are covered during the shows so the children can choose a work they like the look of rather than picking a lithograph based on the artist.

Only people between the age of five and eighteen can purchase a work.

The exhibition will be held at the Forrester Gallery on Tuesday, November 11 from 2pm-5pm.

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INNOVATIVE EXHIBITION: The Muka Youth Prints exhibition ’27 x “no adults allowed”‘ for children will be held at the Forrester Gallery on Tuesday, November 11.

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