Youth festival on way to North Otago


North Otago teenagers will have something to look forward to this Labour Weekend, (October 25-27), with the new Ote Fest festival being held for the first time.

It’s an alcohol free event that will be held at Loch Laird in Otematata and is expected to draw a big crowd with a capacity for upmto 500 youths.

The festival which will run over three days is being organised by local organisations wanting something for Waitaki youths to do over the holiday period.

It will feature a range of talented New Zealand acts including X Factor New Zealand band Moorhouse, Christchurch urban arts collective & performance crew ‘Swarm’, DJ Asher and Charles (aka Phat1) & Janine (aka Lady Diva) Williams world champion graffiti artists.

Ote Fest will not feature those acts, but will also involve a number of other activities available for youths to compete in that will be included as part of the ticket price.

Event coordinator Eugen Dupu, of Legacy Youth, said it should be a fantastic festival.

“There will be so much to offer the youths, we have plenty of activities organised such as mega games, movies, sports, boating on the lakes, a bonfire, paintball which will cost a bit extra and many other events,” he said.

Mr Dupu said North Otago has needed something like this for awhile.

“There aren’t a lot of things for youths to do here sometimes so we thought a festival like this would be something they’d enjoy,” he said.

The youths at the festival will be camping while they stay out there.

The festival is for 16-20 year-olds and tickets go on sale from September 15 and can be ordered at, they cost $59 each.



CAN’T WAIT: Mikaela Young, Mitchell Bolstridge and Eugen Dupu listen to kiwi band Moorhouse who is set to headline Ote Fest at Labour Weekend.

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