Cafe takes shape on beachfront


Since the foundations were laid a few months ago, the building of the new beachfront cafe in Friendly Bay is on track, owner Brain de Geest says.

So far, the cafe has the wooden frames up and the roof is getting fitted with wooden boards, while the concrete floor is in place.

The cafe is to be called Steampunk and is located next to the children’s playground in Friendly Bay.

Mr de Geest, whose company de Geest Construction are constructing the building, said he was pleased with progress so far.

“I think we are ahead of where we wanted to be at this time so that is really pleasing.”

There is hope that the building will be opened by August.

“All is going to plan at the moment and we are hoping to have the cafe opened as soon as possible, but that will depend on how kind the weather is to us over the coming months.”

Mr de Geest said the cafe would be a welcomed addition to the waterfront.

“It will go well with the kids’ playground and just add something more to the beach front.”

He also wanted to credit his workers, who had been working on the cafe.

“Tama Loper, Bryan Robson and John Tito have done a really fantastic job so far and it’s because of their work that we are ahead of schedule.”

The cafe will be run by Sally Ann Donnelly. Mrs Donnelly was pleased with how everything was going.

“It’s all on track and I’m looking forward to getting down there and running it when it opens up, it will be good fun.”

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