Helping to grow North Otago


A new Facebook page promoting North Otago has proved popular although it is only in its first week.

The Facebook page – Grow North Otago – has had more 1079 likes on Facebook and the video which highlights parts of Oamaru people may not have seen has attracted 7121 views, and is also viewable on You Tube.

Grow North Otago group member Nicki Perniskie, who was one of the founding members of the group, said they were incredibly pleased with how the video and page had gone so far.

“We are incredibly pleased with how things are going so far, and we are just really happy to see that people are helping us get the page out there, but also show off North Otago.”

The idea of the page and video being created is to entice young or new business people that North Otago is a fantastic place for people to set up and start their own business.

“We are trying to promote a different side of North Otago one that has so many openings and would provide fantastic opportunities for new business owners.”

Grow North Otago put the page and video on social media last Friday evening.

Ms Perniskie said the group loved North Otago. Members of the group aren’t just based in Oamaru. Some new business owners in the Waitaki Valley are happy to be part of the group.

The video features a variety of new businesspeople as well as some well-known people who have been based in the region for a while. They all give their views about how great it is to work in North Otago.

The almost 5-minute video also tries to show some of the beautiful parts of Oamaru.

“We’re just so pleased with how the video has come up. It was filmed back in November over a couple of days and we’re stoked with the results, and Kara Jane did a tremendous job with the overall product.”

Ms Perniskie said she loves working in North otago.

“It’s been a fantastic place to set up a business and by creating this video we hope to attract plenty of others to the town to start a business,” she said.

By Brayden Lindsay

PHOTO: BRAYDEN LINDSAY – Nicki Perniskie checks out the Grow North Otago Facebook page which went live last Friday.short url link30 Winter Outfit Ideas to Kill It in 2020 – Fashion Inspiration and Discovery