Lack of tenant interest delays shop closure


It was due to close a fortnight ago, but Just Incredible is continuing to trade.

The Oamaru shop was scheduled to close on June 27, but a replacement tenant has yet to be found.

At this stage, the shop is set to remain open for another month, but as the contract operates on a month-by-month basis, the shop will continue to trade for longer in the absence of a new tenant if store staff have not found new employment.

Oamaru Just Incredible owner David Ellis, of Christchurch, who owns 10 other stores around the South Island, said they were happy to remain open.

“We are happy for now. There is still plenty of stock and the staff are happy, so why not stay open.”

Despite the delaying of the closure, he said there would be no changing their minds about the store.

“We will continue to close the store as planned, but for now, due to plenty of stock and the failure of finding a new tenant, we are continuing to trade,” he said.

He was confident there would be another owner found soon.

“I’m pretty confident we will be open for another couple of weeks at most, although we do have another order coming.”

However, Mr Ellis said he loved owning an Oamaru business and would consider opening again in the future if things picked up and the area was flush with other new shops that were trading well.



STILL OPEN: Just Incredible is still open despite saying the store would close on June 27.

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