Nursery closes after 36 years


Thirty-six years after selling its first plant, Breens Nursery has closed its doors.

The nursery was opened in 1978, and on Friday, it opened for the final time.

Breens Nursery owner Sandra Kitto said while she would miss the nursery, the time had come to move on.

“The timing just feels right and my husband and I decided we want to experience new things.”

The nursery sold a range of gardening essentials fit for any home, however Mrs Kitto said the distinct lack of effort towards gardening by this generation made running a gardening business tough.

“People these days are just not enthused by gardening like we were in the past and it’s really quite sad to see.”

Mrs Kitto said all gardening businesses were taking a hit.

“It’s just the way things are. People are just too busy now as both parents are working, unlike when I was younger. One of my parents was a stay-at-home type. You just don’t see that anymore.”

While Mrs Kitto and her husband Richard have only owned the business for eight years, it has had a strong family presence, with Sandra’s parents establishing it.

“They opened it and stayed for around 18 years and then eight years ago, we decided it was time to get it back in the family, so Richard and I bought it back.”

Mrs Kitto said the thing she would miss most was the friendships they had made by customers coming to visit the store.

Staff member Karen Greenslade said Mrs Kitto would be deeply missed by the customers.

“She used to take the plants or shrubs to the elderly people and would even help them plant it. They won’t be able to get service like that anymore and they will miss it,” Mrs Greenslade said.

Mrs Kitto is taking on the sports coordinator’s job at St Kevin’s from the beginning of next term.



ALL GONE: Sandra Kitto, Karen Greenslade and Kay Tavendale stand in the Breen’s Nursery for one final time.

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