Postal delivery cuts


Posties in Oamaru face employment uncertainty, with New Zealand Post yesterday announcing changes to mail deliveries from July 1.

To save money due to rising costs, Oamaru and other urban cities are set to have their mail delivered every second day rather than daily.

New Zealand post spokesperson Richard Trow said it had to be done.

“At this stage we’re unsure how many jobs will go, but it’s likely that plenty of changes will be made throughout New Zealand. Oamaru will likely experience some changes, just what they are we’re not too sure yet.”

The changes to the daily post were announced in November 2013 and have taken some time to put in place, but Mr Trow said that was because of logistics.

“We have a few things to work out and still do, but one thing is for sure, the changes will take place and will do so from July 1.

With 60 million less standard mail posted in 2014 than in 2013, Mr Trow said it was the only option.

He said priority mail would still get delivered regularly.

“Our target of 95% of standard mail delivered within three working days remains, just as it is now. Six-day-a-week deliveries will continue for priority mail and courier parcels, so people should still check for mail every day.”

Rural mail deliveries remain largely unaffected in North Otago.

By Brayden Lindsayaffiliate tracking urlNike