Volunteers unhappy with North Otago SPCA


North Otago SPCA volunteers say they have received zero communication from the Otago office about what is happening in Oamaru.

Otago SPCA and the North Otago SPCA volunteers are supposed to be in regular contact about what is going on with Oamaru’s shelter, but Nancy Densem who is speaking on behalf of the volunteers said they’ve heard nothing.

“I couldn’t wait any longer and began sending some emails out and when I heard nothing, I tried head office to see what was happening and they never got back to me.”

Mrs Densem said the volunteers would love the SPCA to just come out and say what’s going to happen.

“Plenty of people want to know are we getting a new shelter or aren’t we?”

She said being told anything would be a major help.

“We just want to be kept in the loop with what’s going on.”

There has been no answers for the last 12 months and Mrs Densem wanted to know why.

When asked by the Oamaru Mail why there had been minimal contact between the volunteers and the Otago SPCA, executive officer Sophie McSkimming said she had made contact with them.

“I have had only one person email me asking about what is happening with the shelter up here and that’s it.

“I apologise to her and all of the other volunteers from North Otago that haven’t heard from the Royal NZSPCA.”

Miss McSkimming said only three or four volunteers turned up when the meeting was held just over a year ago to tell them what was happening.

“Back when we had the meeting, only three or four turned up and I said to them there to contact me if they wanted any information, and I’ve only heard from one of them.”

The former shelter in Oamaru was closed on October 18, 2013. It was believed that there would be a bigger and better shelter constructed, but so far nothing has happened.

In October last year it was announced that the North Otago SPCA would merge with the Otago branch and a new central facility would be developed.

Miss McSkimming said she can see why volunteers are getting upset.

“I can see exactly what they are getting upset because it is taking a long time to get the consent and I can see their frustration, but I can’t tell them what is going on exactly due to a confidentiality agreement, but it will be worth the wait.”


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