Voter turnout down for Power Trust election


Final voter numbers for the Waitaki Power Trust election showed an earlier trend with only 37.1 per cent of eligible voters returning their paperwork.

In the 2010 election, voter turnout of 41 per cent.

The results of the election were as follows: Tony Brady 4100; Graham Keep 826; Malcolm John McKenzie 1005, Barry Monks 2369, Dennis Norman 3824, Ron Sim 1681, Herb Tonkin 3747, Jock Webster 3788, informal 12, blank four.

Candidates elected as trustees for the Waitaki Power Trust are: Tony Brady, Dennis Norman, Herb Tonkin and Jock Webster.

The Waitaki Power Trust was established in 1993 by a Deed of Trust, where the trustees hold the share capital of Network Waitaki Limited in trust for its consumers.

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