Lifelong collection . . . Oamaru man Alastair Allan put 1100 items from his collection up for auction last weekend. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

Alastair Allan’s personal memorabilia collection is now a lot lighter.

The Oamaru man offered up more than 1100 items, from tractors, petrol bowsers, gramophones, radios, machinery and telephones, for auction last weekend.

Proctors Auction general manager Ronnie Proctor said just 90 items were left unsold.

“We’re very happy with the day and with how things went. The tractors went really well, and one of the gramophones went really well, as well,” Mr Proctor said.

People travelled to Oamaru from Nelson, Christchurch and from all over Otago for the auction. Tractor seats sold to someone in Auckland who bid online.

Mr Proctor relished the opportunity to be involved in such a large-scale auction, with so many historic artefacts people would not find elsewhere up for grabs.

“It was just the magnitude of the scale of it all. It was a great success and we’re looking forward to doing more things like that.”

The auction was open to people in person and online – and there was a mixture of people bidding through both platforms, he said.

To adhere to pandemic safety guidelines at Alert Level 2 on Saturday, people had been split into different sections.

Mr Allan said he had been seriously collecting since he was about 10 years old.

While most of his collection was sold last weekend, there still could be more collecting in his future.

“I’ve hardly been in the North Island, I haven’t cleaned it out yet,” Mr Allan said.

“I might have to start going to garage sales to fill in some time.”