$10,000 raised for Uganda bakehouse


An auction to raise money for a bakehouse in a Ugandan village has raised more than $10,000.
The auction, held at the Loan and Merc building recently, was for Make My Name Count, established by Lindsay and Dalaine Walker.
It aims to provide opportunities and infrastructure for the village of Kakuuto.
Mr Walker said while the auction hadn’t attracted as many people as he had hoped, he was more than happy with the amount raised.
“I was a bit disappointed with the numbers … That was a slight disappointment. But because of the fact it was a long weekend that was superseded by the fact we raised $9645, so that was a great effort.”Money donated after the auction had pushed the total above $10,000, he said.
The funds had already been transferred to Uganda, and building work was set to start soon.
Building the bakehouse would cost about $6000, and $3000 had already been raised.
The rest of the money would go towards building toilets, and a kitchen in the home of 18-year-old Harriet Kamukoobwa, whom the Walkers sponsor. She shares a mud hut with 10 other family members.
While the town has a kiln in good working order, there is no building in which to house it. The bakehouse, which will be made out of plastic soft drink bottles filled with sand and held together with mortar, will house a kiln that can produce up to 1000 loaves of bread a day.
The next project for Make My Name Count was raising funds for a bread slicer and commercial mixer for the bakehouse, which was expected to cost about $6500, Mr Walker said. Other projects being considered included scholarships for pupils at Kakuuto’s school.
About $20,000 had been sent to Uganda by the organisation so far.
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