Plans taking flight . . . Waitaki Menz Shed member Ken Hinton and St Kevin’s College Leo Club chairwoman Cushla Bridges (16) work together to make a bird house. PHOTO: RUBY HEYWARD

It is a nest above the rest.

After organising a successful clean-up at the Oamaru Public Gardens last month, the St Kevin’s College Leo Club is doing good for the environment once again.

This time around, club chairwoman Cushla Bridges and secretary Fergus McMullan are organising the build and installation of 12 birdhouses on Service Hill to increase the area’s biodiversity.

The hill sits behind one of the secondary school’s hostels and has had many uses over the years, from grazing cows, alpacas and horses, to growing pine trees and even being used as a dump.

Earlier this year, the school planted 5000 natives trees on Service Hill as part of the Government’s One Billion Trees programme, and built a new downhill mountain bike track.

Since then, the new plantings had attracted native birds to the area, but they needed somewhere to stay, Fergus said.

St Kevin’s College Leo Club secretary Fergus McMullan (17) and chairwoman Cushla Bridges (16) have organised the installation of birdhouses on Service Hill.

The birdhouses would be mounted on poles and installed across the hill with the hope the birds would remain in the area as the trees established.

The idea was put forward by the school’s former deputy principal Kerry Ryan last year, and it was this year’s leaders’ job to get it done, Cushla said.

With a grant from the Lions Club of Oamaru and the help of Waitaki Menzshed, members of the club built 12 bird houses last Friday.

Fergus said it was great to work with another service group in the community.

Due to the steep nature of the hill, members would hand dig and mount the poles.

The group planned to have them installed within the next two to three weeks.