A canvas of Weston offerings


North Otago artist Tracey Vickers considered all Weston has to offer, when creating her artwork to beautify a Chorus telecommunications cabinet next to the town’s Four Square store.

Mrs Vickers’ work was a nod to Weston being the home to Oamaru stone, and featured Parkside Quarries, a neo-classical carving on the corner, and Weston Hall — which linked the town to the architecture for which Oamaru is famous.

‘‘Weston is such a haven for bellbirds and tuis, and I can never resist drawing a couple of native birds swooping into the picture.’’

The fields of sunflowers became an attraction for the area every year, and the horse and cart were a reference to ‘‘the hey day’’ of farming.

The artwork, which was painted with acrylic graffiti markers and Resene testpots, took about five days, between school pick-ups.

Mrs Vickers usually worked in a studio without a lot of social interactions, so enjoyed being out in the public space where she could talk to people. She loved being part of the cabinet art programme, which had been happening in North Otago.

‘‘I hope its bright colours bring joy to anyone passing,’’ she said.

Another cabinet in Weston was also completed at the weekend by Oamaru’s Matthew Wicks, alongside the Alps 2 Ocean Cycle Trail at the corner of Gordon St and Westview Drive.