A sitting memorial


Waitaki residents have the opportunity to provide memorial seats for two prominent Oamaru locations.
Seats are to be installed at Cape Wanbrow and near a proposed bike park opposite the Friendly Bay playground.
Waitaki District Council parks officer Mike Kwant said memorial seats had been installed along the Friendly Bay foreshore several years ago.
“Memorial seats are a special way to mark the passing of a family member and also give something back to the community.
“People’s donations cover the costs of construction and installation. What’s special, however, is that a bronze memorial plaque is fitted to the seat.”He said the memorial seats would continue that tradition, and the council hoped there would be no shortage of people interested.
The installation of seats along the Cape Wanbrow walking tracks has started. Mr Kwant said those seats were of a simple design and made of pine or hardwood.
The design of the seats for Friendly Bay had yet to be decided.
Mr Kwant said the council could provide design details to anyone interested in a memorial seat.
To find out more, contact council staff on (03) 433-0300 or email service@waitaki.govt.nz.

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