New fundraiser . . . Sophie (left, 13) and Bridget Spittle (10) sharpen their navigational skills ahead of the Weston School Great Tussocky Road Treasure Hunt.

Weston School is navigating its way around a new fundraiser, after the fallout from Covid-19 scuppered this year’s annual fireworks night.

The Weston School Great Tussocky Road Treasure Hunt has risen from the ashes of the fireworks night, and it is hoped it will also become a highlight on the community calendar.

The fireworks night had been the major fundraiser for the home and school committee for the past 16 years, and the decision to cancel this year’s event left a large deficit in the committee’s bank balance.

It had wanted to create a new event that would still be “community-minded”, and could operate whether the country was in Covid-19 Alert Level 1 or 2, one of the event organisers, Twyla Kingan, said.

The rogaine was the idea that “stuck”.

A rogaine is a competitive event in which runners find checkpoints in open country using maps and sometimes compasses.

This rogaine, to be held on November 1, would involve a topographical map, but compasses would not be necessary, Mrs Kingan said.

“We’re making it so it’s quite user-friendly too, and family-friendly. There are hills – it is hilly – but it is a chance for families to get outside and do something fun as a family. And they can take it to whatever limit they want to take it to,” she said.

“Every team will get a map, and there will be a whole bunch of checkpoints on it. Each checkpoint is worth a different amount of points, and you choose your own way and your own route and it’s all your decision of where you want to go and how many points you want to accumulate.”

The event would be held on private farm land between Tussocky and Kanes Rds, which is not usually open to the public, and would be signposted off Weston-Ngapara Rd. There were some great spots to discover, Mrs Kingan said.

Teams of three to six had a maximum of three hours to complete their course, but could make it shorter. Food and drinks would be available for racers and supporters.

“We’re keeping it simple, but still keeping people fed and watered, really.”

Pre-registration was preferred so the right number of maps could be printed, but extras would be available on the day.

Registrations were open now, through a link on the Weston School Great Tussocky Road Treasure Hunt Facebook page, or the school’s Facebook page, Mrs Kingan said.

The cost was $10 per person before October 23, and $15 after. There were different age categories, as well as open, family and corporate options.

Mrs Kingan said it was hoped the rogaine might become an annual event; next year it would be held further apart from the fireworks night, which should be back up and shoesAir Jordan