Happy place . . . Wolf Pack Oamaru owner Aleisha Lucas and her border collie, Tommy, are loving the extra company on their adventure walks, with 25 dogs in the Wolf Pack. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

Dogs have always been Aleisha Lucas’ happy place.

So she turned her happy place into her workplace and created Wolf Pack Oamaru, an adventure walk and day care service for dogs.

Miss Lucas, a qualified vet nurse, wanted to challenge herself to do something new, and began taking her friends’ dogs on pack walks once a week.

It quickly sparked interest, and her business was born last year.

“They are such awesome pets and only have love to give, so seeing them happy makes me happy,” Miss Lucas said.

After starting with five dogs, then expanding to eight, Miss Lucas now had her hands full with 25 dogs joining the pack throughout the week for walks.

The packs were split between morning and afternoon walks. She took them in her van everywhere from Cape Wanbrow to Herbert Forest.

“[It’s] collecting them from their homes and seeing them literally smile – sounds mad, but dogs actually smile,” Miss Lucas said.

“They know exactly what’s going on. Once I open kennels, or gates, they are off and straight into the van where other dogs await to greet them.”

The Wolf Pack was based at Miss Lucas’ home – ”my neighbours are awesome” – and the dogs played together in her back yard.

She taught basic training commands – dogs should know “I am the boss, not them”, she said.

There were day care options, and she recently began providing nurse care such as assisting with medication, as not all animals enjoyed going to the vet, she said.

The Wolf Pack kept her busy – she was looking to hire some help soon – but she would not have it any other way.

“Dogs are life. Anyone that knows me knows I love dogs.

“If I’m out with friends, I’d usually greet the dog first, or when I come home, my dog gets my attention first.”

In the future, she wanted to slowly expand the Wolf Pack and see where it could take her.

“My main goal would be to buy an awesome sized section and continue business there, but at the moment, I’m mostly working on the dogs, trying to build trust, master basic commands and behaviours.”