Shove it in . . . Ricky Whyte tackles another cupcake during the eating contest at the Criterion Hotel on Saturday. PHOTO: ALICE HORE

All hail the cupcake king.

Oamaru painter, cricketer, aspiring boxer and competitive eater Ricky Whyte has done it again.

Mr Whyte followed his victory in the hot dog eating competition last year with sweet success in the cupcake scoffing race at the Criterion Hotel on Saturday.

The all-round sportsman scarfed 20 cupcakes inside 10 minutes – and, crucially, kept them down for another five minutes to claim the win.

“I don’t really have a sweet tooth so it wasn’t that nice, really,” Mr Whyte told the Oamaru Mail

“It’s fair to say 20 cupcakes didn’t sit too well in the stomach.”

Mr Whyte said he had not touched a hot dog since wolfing down so many a year ago.

“And I’m not planning to touch a cupcake for a long time.”

The Albion cricket captain is not sure a professional career in competitive eating beckons, but he fancies a threepeat in the Oamaru contest.

“By all accounts, it’s chicken nuggets next year, so I might have another go.”

Mr Whyte is actually in peak physical condition – maybe not so much this week – after completing the intensive training for the Portside Punch charity boxing event.

He made the cut but was among the four men scratched a couple of weeks ago through a combination of injuries and difficulty in matching fighters.

“I’m extremely gutted. It’s a hell of a cause, and it’s been three months of training.

“But injuries happen and you can’t do much about it.”

Mr Whyte will enjoy being part of the crowd at Saturday’s boxing – but he really hopes cupcakes won’t be on the menu.bridge mediaNike News