Anti-social behaviour angers retailers


Retailers in the northern shopping area of Thames St in Oamaru between Eden St and Ribble streets are sick of people urinating outside their stores, vomiting and vandalising property and would love to see the council do something about it.

Vomit was found outside a shop on Thames St yesterday morning and left for several hours before it was cleaned up by contractors.

Retailers would love to see the council place some cameras in the area to catch the culprits.

“We would love to see cameras in the area we just feel they are the way to go and it may help reduced the acts of stupidity in the area.”

While anti-social behaviour has decreased since the closing of the town’s only nightclub The Globe, which pleased retailers in the area, it still happens a couple of times a month.

“Most of the time it would happen every weekend when the club was open, now it’s around twice a month maybe a bit more; we would still love to see cameras put in place to capture the person to make it easier for police and council,” said one unhappy retailer who did not want to be named.

Urinating usually happens by the ANZ ATM machine, while vandals have damaged signs and windows on the shops.

“Yes it is a problem which needs addressing and yes shop owners do the best they can to look after the footpath out the front of their shop, cleaning other people’s vomit and urine shouldn’t be their responsibility,” said another retailer.

One retailer said he has had to clean up things like that before and is sick of it.

“I shouldn’t have to clean up other people’s vomit, it’s been happening for years.”.

The Oamaru Mail sought Waitaki District Council comment but the officer responsible was unavailable for comment yesterday.


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