Bright lights . . . Work to resurface a section of State Highway 1 in north Oamaru is being carried out at night to reduce the impact on road users and maintain access to businesses, the NZ Transport Agency says. PHOTO: REBECCA RYAN

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is spending $605,000 to resurface a section of State Highway 1 in Oamaru.

Coastal Otago senior network manager Chris Harris said work to pave new asphalt between Raglan and Lynn Sts started on October 15.

“The existing surface asphalt is cracked and deformed,” Mr Harris said.

“Minor maintenance works have been undertaken in the past, but the entire road width now requires full renewal.

“Selected areas have been identified for additional pavement strengthening.”

The resurfacing work is being carried out between 7pm and 7am, and stop/go traffic management is in place during those hours.

“Working at night is primarily to reduce the impact on road users and maintain business access,” he said.

“Unfortunately, this means there is noise at night for adjacent residential properties .. the reversing beepers on work vehicles eed to remain on for safety reasons.

“We apologise to those people and aim to be done as quickly as we can.”

The project was expected to take 11 days to complete.

“The work could be delayed by bad weather, machinery breakdowns or other unforeseen issues. However, we have attempted to account for this within the timeline to November 6.”

The Oamaru repairs were part of a $1.65 million coastal Otago asphalt renewal programme.

Resurfacing work will also be carried out on State Highway 1 between Ribble and Eden Sts.

“It will also be undertaken at night and take up to three days.”

Road users were advised to expect delays, and Mr Harris urged them to keep to the temporary 30kmh speed limit through the site and avoid the equipment and crews.

“If you are walking, please mind your step, as the road surface may be uneven.”url cloneJordan Ανδρικά • Summer SALE έως -50%