Aquatic centre maintenance going wel

Big job . . . Waitaki Aquatic Centre manager Matthew Lanyon next to the main pool, which has been drained so tiles can be repaired.

Waitaki Aquatic Centre is nearing completion.

The complex closed on August 29 and will reopen on September 24 as part of its annual maintenance programme, which was extended this year so tile issues with the 25m pool could be sorted out and skylights replaced.
Centre manager Matthew Lanyon said the tile repairs and skylight replacement were by far the two biggest jobs that needed to be done.
To replace tiles, the centre’s main pool was emptied for the first time since the facility opened in January 2000.
“Total water capacity of the whole facility is about one million litres … when we come to refill the pool, we need to make sure we don’t impact on the rest of Oamaru. The capacity is equivalent to the water use of 1000 households a day. We’ve worked closely with the council to stagger the fills. You can’t just turn the tap on, because it would affect other people in Oamaru,” Mr Lanyon said.
Once refilled, it would take about a week to heat the water in all the pools.
Mr Lanyon said the centre’s skylights were only designed to last about seven years but 16 years had been “squeezed out” of them and they were in desperate need of replacement.
Overall, maintenance work was “about three-quarters done”.
Jobs either complete or close to completion included internal painting, applying a new coat of polyurethane to laminated wood beams and replacing steel fittings that support ducting ducting.
Parts have been replaced in the spa pool, while the aquatic centre’s heating, pool filters, motors and pumps had also been overhauled.
“We’re having a massive clean-up – all the areas that are difficult to clean. It’s slightly ahead of schedule, so we’re where we want to be at the moment,” Mr Lanyon said.jordan SneakersNike Shoes