Full circle . . . North Otago Art Society member Daphne Marshall-Beuth admires the artwork from the new exhibition Oamaru Full Circle at Customs House Gallery. PHOTO: ASHLEY SMYTH

Local artists have taken up the challenge of interpreting the theme Oamaru Full Circle in the North Otago Art Society’s latest exhibition.

Almost 50 original 20cm diameter tondos now adorn the walls of Customs House Gallery at the corner of Tyne and Wansbeck Sts, and are open for public viewing, after a private opening and prizegiving last Friday night.

The winner was Jeff Armstrong with his work Victorian Nocturne

North Otago Art Society vice-president Paula Gray said the brief was “something novel and a bit different”, and the response from the artists was “absolutely brilliant”.

“It’s quite different to what you’re normally doing. I found it quite a challenge and I think a few others did too.”

Artists could choose their own medium, except photography, and most went for oil and acrylic, she said.

“Somebody did the Humpty Dumpty down at the gardens and put a little mask on it, which was just a little bit different.”

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