Auction for Uganda


An auction to raise funds for an aid project in Uganda will take place in Oamaru this month.
Make My Name Count, established by Lindsay and Dalaine Walker, aims to provide opportunities and infrastructure for the town of Kakuuto in Uganda, one of the most impoverished areas in the world, and build much-needed infrastructure for the couple’s sponsored children, their families and the community.
Kakuuto lies on a swamp plain that is often flooded, making roads impassable and compromising the town’s grass and mud huts.
Mr Walker travelled to the town several months ago to meet 18-year-old sponsored child Harriet Kamukoobwa.
Make My Name Count’s first project was providing a solar light and non-paraffin fire for the small mud hut Harriet shares with 10 other family members, while another project aims to give the family a brick home.
So far, $3000 of the $6000 required for that project has been raised.
A third project, for which the auction will raise funds, is building a bakehouse in Kakuuto.
The town has a kiln in good working order but there is no building in which to house it.
“Bread is something that is an absolute luxury commodity over there,” Mr Walker said.
“There’s no way they can afford bread. Farmers make about $8 a month in a good season.
“I saw a bakehouse that was dilapidated but there was a very good kiln there that could produce 1000 loaves of bread a day. That could feed 30,000 people.”Since the project was launched, $1000 of the $5000 needed to build the bakehouse had been raised, he said.
The plan was to build it out of plastic soft drink bottles, filled with sand and held together with mortar.
Several buildings in Uganda had used the method, which was solid and provided good insulation, Mr Walker said.
“They reckon they last about 150 years and we’re in the process of getting the 6000 to 8000 bottles we need.”When completed, it is hoped it will encourage the young people of Kakuuto to take up baking.
The auction takes place on April 22 from 6pm at the Loan and Merc building in the Victorian precinct, and Mr Walker hopes to raise $10,000.
All proceeds go towards Make My Name Count’s projects in Uganda, which also include building a church and establishing a small coffee business.
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