Bakery owner taking over Otematata dairy


Oamaru bakery owner Nathan Rawson is ‘‘pumped’’ to be expanding his business in Otematata.

After taking over at Delectables Bakery in 2003, Mr Rawson is ready for another challenge, and will officially own the Otematata On the Spot from today.

‘‘I reckon it’s going to be awesome,’’ he said.

‘‘I love the lakes . . . It should be good.’’

The Rawson family had holidayed at the Waitaki lakes every summer for as long as Mr Rawson could remember.

‘‘Every weekend really.

‘‘Mum and Dad have always had a house up there, and still do, and my brother’s got a crib up there. So, we’ve just been going there all the time.’’

He had ‘‘absolutely’’ continued the tradition with wife Amie, their four children — aged 19, 16, 14 and 12 — and the family caravan.

Mr Rawson saw running the On the Spot as providing a service to the small township.

He planned to turn one side of the premises into a bakery, while continuing to offer fresh produce and groceries on the other side.

While improvements would be carried out during the quieter winter months in anticipation of a busy summer, he intended to keep the store open right the way through.

‘‘We’ll have something going straight away, and it will just keep getting better and better and better.’’

The majority of the baking would still come from Oamaru, but some food, such as sandwiches, would be made onsite.

Eventually, Mr Rawson hoped to also offer food in the evenings, such as burgers and fries.

‘‘There’s not a lot of food options, apart from the pub, you know. So yeah, there’s a lot of things to look forward to anyway, especially for the locals and the holidaymakers.’’

Staffing the new business had not been a problem, and Mr Rawson was hopeful he had ‘‘hit the jackpot’’ with three local employees.

In the busier months, he intended to call on his older children, and tertiary students wanting summer jobs.

Feedback from residents had been positive, and he had received suggestions in regard to opening hours and things people would like.

‘‘I think the town’s quite excited to have something different,’’ Mr Rawson said.

The Delectables team was cooking up a new pie range — Dam Good Pies — to sell in the new business. They would be made in conjunction with farmers and producers in the Waitaki lakes area.

The three new flavours would be merino mutton, merino lamb and mint, and a breakfast pie.

‘‘Something for the locals and holidaymakers to look forward to.’’