Ball to lift spirits and raise funds


It is hoped a ball to be held in the rural North Otago township of Livingstone will help raise spirits after what has been a tough year for many in the farming community.
The ball will take place at the Tokarahi Community Hall on May 21 and is a fundraiser for the Otago Rescue Helicopter Trust.
Organiser Sarah Stalker said it was an easy decision when it came to what organisation to support.
“Our aim is to give back to such a fantastic cause that has touched the hearts of so many in the community … we know help is on hand when it’s needed because sometimes it can be quite a long way away.”The night of music and dancing would also go a long way towards lifting the spirits of many locals who had been affected by drought and other hardships, such as low dairy prices, which had hit the region over the past year or so, she said.
“It’s a community get-together so we can share some laughs and have a good time. It’s a chance to get out, get dressed up and have a bit of fun on the night.”All 130 tickets for the ball have been pre-sold.
However, Mrs Stalker said some could become available if any ticket holders could not make it on the night.
“Anyone can come, but it will only be if we had people pull out. It’s been one of those things people have been keen to jump on board and support.”Running sport mediaNike