Hair and soul . . . Bruce's Barber has moved from its former premises in Tees St to the rear of Thames St's Soul, Surf and Skate. Stacey Jordan (left) is joining Samara Fraser at the barbershop. PHOTO: ASHLEY SMYTH

Bruce’s Barber has moved and improved.

The Oamaru men’s hair salon began operating from its new premises at the back of Soul, Surf and Skate in Thames St this week.

Owner Samara Fraser initially opened the business about two years ago as a sole stylist, out of the same building as Estella Hair Studio. When that closed at the end of last year, she was on the hunt for a new base.

“It’s just evolved from what I was already doing. I’ve been consistently fully booked for quite a while now, so I was wanting to get a second chair up and running.

“Where I was wasn’t quite big enough, and things were kind of coming to an end there anyway, so it was good timing.”

Cristy Holding, who runs Soul, Surf and Skate with husband Jeremy, had suggested they do something together when Mrs Fraser returned to Oamaru almost three years ago, but she already had her Tees St premises lined up.

So the Holdings came to mind when she was on the lookout for somewhere new to run the business from.

“I touched base with Cristy and Jeremy and they’ve been all about it,” Mrs Fraser said.

“The room used to be part of the shop, they had just put a wall up, and they were going to use it for surfboards and stuff, and then I came along and was like ‘Hey, got anywhere for me?’.”

Getting plumbing and power sorted was the biggest job, but nothing had been an issue. A group of friends had chipped in and got everything done, she said.

“They have just smashed it out really. I approached them early December, and they’ve gone in after Christmas and got it done.”

The new-look business reopened this week and is already heavily booked.

Mrs Fraser is due have her first baby with husband Damien at the end of February, so she was excited to welcome Stacey Jordan to run a second chair and keep the business ticking over while she was on maternity leave and until she was ready to come back.

“I’m so stoked that Stacey’s coming on board. She’ll be amazing, and it’s nice for her to have a wee change too, [because] she’s been at Fusion a long time. And it’s just awesome to get it all set up now.

“It’s worked out perfectly, and it’s still like a close, intimate-sized space, which I think is nice … just sharing a space with another business is a cool atmosphere. And I will be bringing clients through for them, and vice versa, so yeah, it’s just a nice fit.”latest Nike releaseSneakers