Big turnout for fishing


Twizel’s take a kid fishing competition is kicking off with more entries this year than ever before.

The event which is organised by Central South Island Fish and Game field officer Hamish Stevens has been running for about 4 years and increased in popularity every year.

Fish and Game field officer Mark Webb said they were incredibly happy with the turnout.

“We’re really pleased it shows that children are enjoying their fishing want to come here to see if they can fish.”

It took place at Kelland’s Pond which is part of the Wairepo Arms ,with 400 children spread around the pond at 9am when the competition began.

Mr Webb said the only disappointment was the lack of fish caught.

“The only down side was probably that there weren’t quite enough fish caught and most of the fish hung around the middle of the pond.”

Around 50 Salmon were caught by children.

At this stage there are no more children’s competitions being lined up until the later in the year, but Mr Webb said it’s fantastic seeing so many children interested in fishing.

“We are pleased to see so many taking part. We held a prize giving about 2pm and there were still about 200 children there fishing until the end,” he said.

The competition was for children 12-years-old and under.

By Brayden Lindsay

PHOTO: Flynn Tutty, 3, of Christchurch, with the two Salmon he caught at the Twizel fishing competition.

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