At work . . . Sam Ruddenklau's dog beds are made out of sacks, stuffed with wool. PHOTO: ASHLEY SMYTH

Sam Ruddenklau is a 7-year-old with a need for speed.

It was a need, however, which could not be satisfied by his piggy-bank budget, so Sam came up with another way to fund it, his mother, Nicola Ruddenklau, said.

“The neighbours upgraded their motorbike, so he wanted to, too,” Mrs Ruddenklau said.

“But me and Greg [Sam’s father] were like ‘oh well, there’s nothing wrong with your motorbike’, so he was like, ‘I’ll do it myself’.

“We went to the motorbike shop and he had a look to see how much they all were .. and then he counted up the money in his piggy-bank and there wasn’t quite enough. Very far from it.

“So he decided he wanted to make some money.”

A Kawasaki 110 was the bike Sam had his heart set on, which came with the price tag of $4050.

Sam enlisted his mum’s help and they decided making and selling dog beds might be the way to go.

“We’ve been making sack beds,” Sam said.

“We get wool, and we put it in some sacks and we sew it up, and it’s quite comfy.”

There was little value in the wool produced on the family’s Five Forks farm at present, so this was a perfect way to put it to use, Mrs Ruddenklau said.

The Ruddenklau family’s farm dogs happily played guinea pig for the first few beds, and once they were sleeping soundly, Sam, again with his mum’s help, got the word out on Facebook.

Young entrepreneur . . . Sam Ruddenklau has been making and selling dog beds to get enough money to buy a new motorbike.

He was selling big beds for $20 and small beds for $12, and the response was overwhelming.

With more than 260 orders and counting, Sam has even had to take on staff.

His big sister Gracie (9), along with Mum and Dad, have been in full production mode for the past two weekends, to help fill orders.

“It’s been busy,” he said.

There have been no complaints so far.

Some customers had come back for more; and one even requested a bed for their pig.

With the money for his new Kawasaki now in the bank, Sam was excited to get on his bike, and had big plans for any leftover funds.

“Another motorbike.”