Branching out . . . Bethan Moore with one of her son Kobi's lambs, Sandwich. Mrs Moore and husband Bryan have just sold their business, The Natural Dairy, and are looking forward to a break before launching their next venture, Cherry Leaf Farm. PHOTO: ASHLEY SMYTH

Bethan and Bryan Moore will happily be taking things a bit more slowly after a whirlwind 18 months starting up and operating The Natural Dairy.

The couple have sold their milk business to Glen and Bron Claridge, handing over last month.

Mrs Moore said they had barely had a chance to catch their breath yet, but she was looking forward to a slower-paced lifestyle.

“We’re going to have a rest, basically. We’re exhausted. Because it is full-on work.”

Their new venture, Cherry Leaf Farm, is off to a “low-key” start, with-free range eggs for sale at the gate.

“We are a bit like, we don’t know what to do. It was like a treadmill that business. It’s just always going.”

The plan is to have a farm shop selling eggs, mushrooms, garlic and, hopefully, some farm-grown meat. But first on the to-do list is a long family holiday.

“Whatever we want to grow we’ll grow. We’ll probably do some plants as well,” Mrs Moore said.

“We’ll just produce seasonally. Kind of a low-input chilled-out vibe, but with community and sustainability in mind.”

Once there is more produce, the Moores will be back at the Oamaru Farmers’ Market on Sundays, under the Cherry Leaf Farm umbrella, and the shop will be open on set days, rather than around the clock like before, Mrs Moore said.

The Moores spent years in the dairy-farming industry before moving to their lifestyle block at Alma.

The Natural Dairy stemmed from a desire to produce milk using more sustainable practices. Calves remained with their mothers, and the milk was sold in glass bottles, and could be bought direct from the farm, or delivered to the door.

Although they still have several cows, milking for the Moores is now limited to collecting a supply to stock the family fridge.

Mrs Moore wished the Claridges well in the business, and said they had it set up nicely in their new Bulleids Rd Running shoes brandNIKE AIR HUARACHE