Scanned .. Derek Golding, an artist and one of the drivers behind a fledgling business development in Oamaru, scans the head of Waimate's Catherine Nichol (15). PHOTO: SHANNON GILLIES

A new way to record stunning, youthful good looks has arrived in Oamaru.

At the recent Steampunk Festival Weekend, locals and visitors had the chance to have their upper bodies scanned by a new Oamaru venture, The Scanorium.

The front man of the venture is photographer Derek Golding.

He said The Scanorium was about scanning people and turning their faces and heads into three-dimensional models in a variety of materials, including plastic and wood.

Mr Golding has been involved with modelling and scanning since 2010.

The business would look at offering schools the option of a scanned face of a pupil as an alternative to the annual school photo, he said.

“You have a 3-D model of the kid’s face.”

The overall plan was to have The Scanorium become a “visitor’s experience” wrapped up in Steampunk.

“We’re planning something big for Oamaru.

“There are about 20 separate elements. This is one of them.”

The price for a scan was being worked out, but a figure for a head scan and model could be about $60, he said.

He said the technology being used in the scanning process had been around for a while and it was at the point where a scan of a building or a person would not take very long.

Oamaru’s Loan and Merc building, for example, would take about 30 minutes.

The business did not have physical premises, but The Scanorium had an active presence on Facebook.

The printer creates the face of Wellington Steampunker Jane Craven (Mrs Hudson the younger). PHOTO: SHANNON GILLIES
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