High crash rate . . . Tutu Hill Rd resident Bob Gaze stands at the site of a crash late last month, where a car went off a bridge. Mr Gaze wants the speed limit reduced. PHOTO: GUS PATTERSON

It is only a matter of time before a motorist dies on Tutu Hill Rd, Bob Gaze says.

Mr Gaze, who has lived in Tutu Hill Rd for 43 years, said he had counted eight accidents on the road since Christmas Eve last year. In the time he has lived in Tutu Hill Rd, he has counted 163 crashes.

At present, the speed limit was 80kmh, but Mr Gaze said he would like to see it reduced to 40kmh.

“I want to do something before someone loses their life,” he said.

The windy gravel road had always been dangerous, but drivers had increased their speed since part of the road was sealed last year, he said.

It also attracted “boy racers”, especially in the summer months, he said.

“The whole Ardgowan/Weston area has grown over the past few years and has become a residential area.

“We have rural roads servicing this extra expansion of housing.”

A lot of walkers, cyclists and horse riders used Tutu Hill Rd and a lower speed limit would make it safer for them, he said.

Waitaki District Council roading manager Mike Harrison disputed Mr Gaze’s accident count, and said it did not correlate with council evidence.

“We do know there have been accidents through there, but nowhere near to that level,” Mr Harrison said.

Speed limits in the area were being looked at as part of a wider speed limit review, he said.

“The amount of people that are using it has grown.

“We are listening to what [Mr Gaze] says and we are using that for our decisions where we can.”Best Sneakers大注目アイテム!モンスターパーカーを使ったおすすめコーデ12選