Cavy chaos . . . Guinea pig owners are welcome to bring their pets to the Oamaru Guinea Pig Show at the A&P Showgrounds this Sunday. PHOTO: RUBY HEYWARD

Cavies are congregating in Oamaru this weekend.

The Otago Cavy Club, which was re-established in 2021, was taking its show on the road, after success in Dunedin last year, vice-president Andorra Sedgeman said.

‘‘We are trying to get more interest in other areas of Otago.’’

The Oamaru Guinea Pig Show is being held at the A&P Showgrounds in Ettrick St this Sunday. Purebreds are being shown at 10am, followed by a pet show from 11am.

The purebred section boasts about 30 entries from Alexandra to Christchurch, while the pet show entrants could enter ahead of time, or turn up on the day, for a $5 entry fee, Mrs Sedgeman said.

For those starting out on their cavy-showing journeys, there are junior handler, novice exhibitor and junior exhibitor categories in the purebred show. Pet show entrants should bring their cavy in a comfortable cage, with their preferred bedding, and vegetables for it to eat.

Owners could find out more about caring for their cavies, and how amazing they were, she said.

Judging will be based on the health and condition of the pet, how the owners handle and interact with it, and how the pet is cared for. The pet will not be judged on colour or coat type.

Fun classes include the crowning of Mr and Miss Otago, and a Queen’s Birthday fancy-dress theme.

Raffles, guinea pig adoptions, and free information on caring for your guinea pig will be available on the day. This is the Otago Cavy Club’s first show for the year, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

‘‘Last year the hall was packed with children and their guinea pigs,’’ she said. Members of the public are welcome for a gold coin donation, and people are asked to wear a mask. More information can be found on the Otago Cavy Club Facebook page, or by emailing