CCTV cameras coming to CBD


A plan to install CCTV cameras in the CBD took another step forward at the weekend, with technicians visiting various sites, mapping the network and meeting key personnel.

The plan came about following a spate of crimes in parts of the main street, resulting in broken windows, damage to buildings and rubbish being left outside shops.

Waitaki District Council community safety and development facilitator Helen Algar said everything was going to plan at this stage.

“The network will have the capability to run 16 cameras. Ideally, we would like all 16 in place, but realistically we are working  towards having eight of those up and running in the short-to-medium term,” she said.

While the specific locations of the cameras are yet to be decided, they will be placed in high activity areas.

“The cameras will be installed at sites chosen on the basis that they are ‘hot spots’, i.e. areas where there is a lot of activity, or sites which will provide the best coverage to meet the goals of crime prevention and crime resolution,” Mrs Algar said.

It is not known at this stage when the cameras will be installed, but Mrs Algar is confident it will happen soon.

“This project was designed in a way that allows for the number of cameras to increase as funding allows. We will start with one or two units, and with support, it will grow over time to the full complement of 16. We hope to have the first unit in operation before the end of September.”

Mrs Algar said she was thrilled with the plan.

“I am delighted that we have the opportunity to have cameras installed in our community. Our priority is a safe community and CCTV will  augment and link into the work of the Waitaki Guardians and community patrols,” she said.


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