Roll on up . . . Waimate Regent Theatre Trust chair woman Judi White says the cinema will resume movie screenings in September. PHOTO: GUS PATTERSON

There are no movies at the Waimate Regent Theatre, but there is plenty of movement.

The theatre’s “nibble nook” was undergoing a renovation, the first since the 1980s, which had been five years in the making, Waimate Regent Theatre Trust chairwoman Judi White said.

The theatre was forced to close because of the Covid-19 lockdown, and as most of the world was still battling the virus, there were not a lot of new blockbuster movies being released, Ms White said.

“We took the opportunity now,” she said.

“We could have opened after lockdown but people were still a little nervous about coming out, and we didn’t want to be policing social distancing.”

The renovations would create more space to cater for events such as dance competitions, two of which will take place on the last two weekends of August.

The theatre will then resume screening movies in September.

“From what I have heard lately, people are ready to come out again,” Ms White said.

The popular halftime interval would also be resuming.

“People love it,” Ms White said.

“It’s a chance to stretch the legs, have a nibble and go to the toilet.”

With Hollywood still facing challenges producing movies, Ms White was welcoming new movie suggestions from the public.

“We are more than happy to screen any movie – I would love to get more New Zealand movies.

“Because we are small and independent, we make our own rules.”short url linkNike