Lights, camera, action . . . Bigger Picture Oamaru Trust chairwoman Dagmar Rohrbach (left) and tutors Maddy Maxwell (centre) and Bridget Ellis are running a filmmaking course in the school holidays. PHOTO: RUBY HEYWARD

Young people who fancy a future in film are being offered the chance to set their skills in motion.

The Bigger Picture Oamaru Trust is holding holiday workshops, which provide those aged 10-18 with the chance to learn the fundamental skills required to create content for a film.

They will be held at the Oamaru Youth Centre during the first week of the school holidays.

The tutors will be film producers Maddy Maxwell and Bridget Ellis, who have been working with schoolchildren and running programmes since 2015.

“So we’ve worked with a range of primary and high school students on those programmes, but have just decided it’d be quite fun to do it as a holiday programme and get perhaps a different group of children, who might not have had the opportunity through school,” Ms Maxwell said.

Workshop participants would be taught the basics of camera angles, different shot types, and how to see differently through a camera, she said.

“If you’re doing something on stage, it’s quite different to doing something in front of a camera, so they sort of learn some of the skills related to that.”

The end goal was to put together a story and create their own short film.

The workshop cost $40, but four scholarship spots are available if cost is a barrier to taking part.

The workshops would also include a behind-the-scenes tour of the newly-opened Oamaru Cinema and a movie screening.

Ms Maxwell said the workshops would be suited to children with a “bit of imagination”.

“Kids that like to get out and try different things, because there’s lots of different ways of doing this.

“It’s ones that want to tell a story, and they’ve got a few ideas of what sort of story they want to tell, but they just need a little bit of support to actually put the structure in place to make it happen, and make it as good as it is inside their head.”

Younger people “tell stories differently”, she said.

“They make it more accessible for their own age groups to actually identify with stories, issues, stories about people.”

Ms Maxwell had, in the past year, moved to working in the film industry fulltime and work on local and national projects kept her busy.

She was also on hand to help out on any bigger projects which came to town.

“Myself and Bridget, and a number of other filmmakers who are available here, help out .. whether it’s location photography, or helping with locations or casting, or filming. Whatever’s needed really. So, it’s been slowly building up the profile, so we can get a bit more happening in Oamaru.”

Long term, the Bigger Picture Oamaru Trust would like to make the workshops a regular thing, ideally running them a couple of times a year, she said.

Workshops were able to happen with funding from Waitaki District Council Community grants and the creative communities scheme.

Those interested in taking part should get in touch with Bigger Picture chairwoman Dagmar Rohrbach by emailing