For the love of dance ... Rebecca Dorsey (15) has been teaching dance classes for two years. PHOTO: RUBY HEYWARD

Rebecca Dorsey started teaching dance classes for fun, but has come one step closer to knowing what to do with her future.

The Waitaki Girls’ High School pupil started teaching dance to a handful of students when she was 13.

Two years later, she has 25 students under her instruction.

The classes combine two of the things she enjoys most.

“I really love children and want to be a teacher,” Rebecca said.

Her students range in age from 2 to 12, and are split into three classes.

Taking the three different age-groups gave her an idea of what area of teaching she would like to get into, she said.

“I really like early entrance, but now I really like the older kids.”

She enjoyed building a relationship with the older age-group, and watching as they became more invested in dance and gained more skills.

“I love seeing the groups understand it and feel good about what they have learned.”

She took a “real mix” of modern dance, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop, and the classes did not follow a curriculum – they were more about having fun and learning new skills.

Rebecca would teach her students how to point toes correctly, “feel” and dance with the music, and good structure.

Her first introduction to dance was at age 4 at the Kimberley Mavor School of Dance, learning highland dancing.

Since then, she had tried many different groups, looking for a “fun” space to enjoy dance.

She could not find the right fit for her, so she started her own.

“I’m doing what I was looking for – fun, relaxed classes.”

The classes had quickly grown over the past year – as had the workload – but she was enjoying doing what she loved.