Handy tips . . . North Otago LandSAR are encouraging people to use the organisations new five step land safety code to stay safe this summer. (From back left) Volunteers Stephen Black and Mark Young. (Front left) Volunteer Ricky Hutchinson, chairwoman Jane Strang and volunteer Amy Francis. PHOTO: KAYLA HODGE

Five easy steps could help save a life this summer.

Land Search and Rescue (Landsar) New Zealand has created a new land safety code to help keep people safe during their summer holiday adventures.

The code’s five tips include: choosing the right trip, understanding the weather, packing warm clothes and extra food, sharing plans and knowing ways to get help and taking care of yourself and each other.

North Otago Landsar volunteer Amy Francis said the new code was a good way to get key information across to the public.

“The benefit will be that people will look at it and read it, and they will take the time to check they’ve got the right equipment, that the weather’s going to be OK, and just check those five points . . . to ensure, in what they are attempting to do, that they can actually do it,” Mrs Francis said.

It was important people were properly prepared and looked after each other on excursions.

“We do what we do because we want to help people and we don’t mind doing it, but if people can stay safe and not have to put themselves in that position, then that’s the ideal thing, isn’t it?”

North Otago Landsar chairwoman Jane Strang said she expected more families to be tramping in the Waitaki district this summer, with international travel not an option.

“It’s about being prepared for the outdoors, not going somewhere if you’re not familiar with it and knowing your limits,” Mrs Strang said.

North Otago Landsar has 20 members, who were on call 24/7 to assist people in the community, and covered from south of the Waitaki River, inland to Omarama and south to Palmerston.

The group was called out to incidents by police, and worked closely with other groups in the Otago region.latest jordan Sneakersnike air supreme low profile black friday sales DD5227-234 Release Date