Camera at the ready . . . Oamaru filmmaker Gamel O'Brien holds her Black Magic digital video camera, which she will use to live-stream a Nadia Reid concert from the Grainstore Gallery tonight to fans around the world. PHOTO: ASHLEY SMYTH

Live-streamed concerts may be a post-lockdown positive here to stay, with Nadia Reid Zooming worldwide from the Grainstore Gallery tonight.

Dunedin-born Reid is playing live at the Grainstore, but her performance will also be available in the homes of fans around the world, courtesy of local filmmakers Gamel O’Brien and Ryan Algar.

“It was all inspired by lockdown,” gallery owner Donna Demente said.

“Because there were so many people that we love doing live-streams, including Nadia and including Tiny Ruins and all people who are coming here in the next few months.

“It’s all paid off because now we’ve got all these artists that could go to bigger venues, but are choosing to come here because they love the idea of both doing an intimate concert, but also having it going out around the world to their fans.”

O’Brien gained a diploma in screen production at the New Zealand Film School in Wellington last year.

Algar, her partner, was completing the same course this year.

Although Algar would not be at tonight’s show, he would be monitoring the stream from Wellington.

“We were already doing film stuff, and we’re looking at moving back into town, so we sort of thought, you know, what a great thing to tie in with all of our stuff,” O’Brien said.

“Ryan’s really the one who’s done all the research and taught himself the streaming.

“For the Broken Heartbreakers [who played at the Grainstore in June], we did a sort of practice stream.

“They didn’t want that actually live, but we did that through YouTube.

“This one’s through Zoom, just because Nadia’s done that before previously, but her previous one was with her computer camera at home. She just used her webcam. So this will be a step up, but using the same platform.”

Fabian Vinbrux was also helping with the technical side of things, she said.

There were a lot of different factors that came into play that would make the event a success.

“There’s the artist, who’s doing a great job, and then you have the venue, which is providing a beautiful space, and then you have us, who are showing it to the world, in theory.

“It’s exciting, because it’s live and there’s one shot.”

Demente said live-streaming would work better for well-known artists.

“It’s really down to their social media reach how well it goes.

“I guess it’s the beauty of being able to watch something live, but still be able to do it from your own living room if you want,” Demente said.

The show would start at 9pm, with Flora McKnight opening, and the live-stream would begin at 10pm.

An earlier 7pm show was already sold out and would not be streamed.

The later start was to ensure the success of the live stream on the other side of the world, Demente said.

“For people in Europe, and just places where it’s going to be better timing for them to watch it.

“She’s got a far bigger fan base outside New Zealand than inside it.

“It’s certainly a moment for us. It’s really neat.”

British music magazine Uncut was going to review the concert.

“That’s international massiveness – so exciting,” Demente said.

  • Tickets for the live stream or the live show can be purchased through

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