Council to consult on stadium


Local leaders in sport will soon have their say on a proposed indoor stadium.

In the next month, Waitaki Mayor Gary Kircher hopes to meet with key stakeholders, including potential users and funders, to discuss the project.

“We’ve already done quite a lot of work on what we think that should be, but it’s a chance to run that past people who will potentially be using it,” Mr Kircher said.

“How many courts there are, what other facilities there might be in there, and get feedback on elements like that.”

In considering options, council staff had visited other multipurpose sport stadiums in the South Island, Mr Kircher said.

Waitaki could model its design on Ashburton’s indoor sports facility, which was a multi-use four-court set up, Mr Kircher said.

“Of the ones we’ve seen, [the Ashburton District Council] seems to have done a particularly good job, apart from that they didn’t make it big enough,” he said.

On January 31, Mr Kircher met with council staff involved in the project to prepare for the coming meeting with key stakeholders.

“It’s still a few years away in the long term plan,” he said.

“But we need to keep progressing this planning stage.”Running sport mediaAir Jordan Shoes